Our mission is to:

Promote and support the design, building and the sport of flying model aircraft (Aero modelling).

This is achieved by developing and supporting a community of like minded people with a common interest and by providing dedicated facilities.

Types of members:

  • Founding Members.
  • Sponsored  Members.
  • Flying Members (requires meeting specific criteria).
  • Associate Members (less requirements).
  • Social members.
  • Approved Flying Visitors.

Main Focus:

  • WW1 anniversary years (2014-2017)
  • Aeromodelling (Building and Display flying)
  • Major Events, including Nationals.
  • Support special interest groups, All types of aircraft, Electric Gliders, Tow gliders  Slope sourer, Discus, Helicopters, Free flight, Scale, WW1, WW2, Civilian, IMAC,  Pattern, Pylon, Night flying. .

N.A.A.S is open for new members throughout the year.

We at N.A.A.S take membership applications seriously, we want to protect our culture, efforts, facilities and our mission.

N.A.A.S also wants to protect all other aeromodelling clubs within the ACT. Potential members will have to show a  requirement / need to utilize the N.A.A.S field facilities as one of the prerequisites to becoming a flying member.


The N.A.A.S is not generally a beginners club: All the  other clubs in the ACT are setup with the facilities and instructors  ready and willing to assist you with basic flight training.

We will however  provide and  fully supported training and assitance  for any NAAS member if required.

The N.A.A.S main focus is to  provide training for intermediate and advanced aspect of flying and bulding of model aircraft.

Prospective New Members 

Please email with your phone numbers and we will contact you.

We will  be more than happy to answer any questions or provide additional information about becoming a member of The National Aeromodelling and Aviators Society.