Flying at NAAS

Time to fly

We are flying most weekends from around 9:00am until 3:00pm depending on the weather.

Flying may also be on during week day, depending on who is free. Some members frequently fly after work. Our field is flyable until sunset.

NAAS holds several major events during each year.


All flying at the NAAS facilities are bound by the N.A.A.S rules and by-laws.

NAAS is associated with the MAAA and all MAAA procedures and policies are to be followed.

At the NAAS facilities the operation of all model aircraft is subject to the requirements of the MAAA Manual of Procedures as well as CAR Part 101.

The individual operator of a model aircraft is responsible for his/her compliance, and his/her model’s compliance with CAR Part 101 and also with all MAAA rules as required by the MAAA Manual of Procedures.

Flying at NAAS is not bound to a 400ft ceiling like at most other clubs.


Spectators from the general public are always welcome. We ask them to stay in the visitor area and see a club member for safety precautions.

Flying Visitors

  • Members of the general public: up to four flights under instruction from a NAAS member before becoming a member.

  • Other visitors must have current MAAA affiliation.